Watch Dua Lipa Nail a Headstand Yoga Pose with Ease

Watch Dua Lipa Nail a Headstand Yoga Pose with Ease

Dua Lipa has many skills. Along with being a singer, songwriter, and mannequin, she additionally boasts spectacular yoga abilities. The 26-year-old pop star posted a recap of a current weekend on Instagram, together with a collection of selfies, pictures of her buddies, snaps of delicious-looking meals, and a brief video clip of herself doing a headstand. (

Within the video (present in slide 4 of the picture dump), the “Levitating” singer’s again is dealing with the digital camera. She’s positioned together with her head and forearms on the ground, her hips within the air, and her ft on the bottom. She slowly walks her ft towards her head earlier than lifting one foot into the air, adopted by the opposite. Lipa efficiently holds a headstand place for a number of seconds, utilizing her core muscle tissue for energy and stability, earlier than bringing her legs again right down to the bottom. (

This is not the primary time Lipa showcased her energy and yoga abilities for the ‘gram. In one other video posted in March, the “Do not Begin Now” singer demonstrated a crow pose, which includes balancing in your palms along with your shins resting in your higher arms and your ft lifted within the air. After stepping into the pose, Lipa manages to get her head on the bottom from that place and effortlessly (or so it seems) picks up each ft to movement by means of a headstand pose. (

Doing a headstand pose does not simply make for a cool Instagram submit; It additionally presents many psychological and bodily perks. “There are such a lot of advantages to doing yoga inversions, like headstands,” says Jeannine Morris Lombardi, a New Jersey-based yoga trainer. “When your head is under your coronary heart, like in a headstand, gravity naturally brings extra blood and oxygen to your mind, which, for those who maintain it lengthy sufficient — seven minutes for optimum advantages — and follow it day by day, can enhance your psychological perform.” Along with bettering psychological perform, it could assist enhance vitality and application, she says. Research have additionally instructed a relationship between sure yoga poses and elevated vitality and shallowness.

In the event you’re fascinated by studying the best way to do a headstand, begin by practising in opposition to a wall for additional assist, recommends Morris Lombardi. Begin by bringing a mat to the wall and getting on all fours. Clasp your palms collectively along with your fingers interlocked and place the crown of your head onto the ground in between your palms, resting your forearms on the bottom, says Morris Lombardi. Be certain that to maintain your elbows shoulder-width aside.

With forearms urgent onto the bottom, stroll your ft towards your palms, retaining your shoulders immediately over your elbows. “[Then], bend one knee at a time to carry your legs into your chest. Proceed urgent down into the bottom along with your forearms as you prolong your legs up towards the ceiling.” When your legs are up, you will want to interact your core to stay stabilized. “Doing a headstand takes a whole lot of core energy,” she factors out.

Though they’re enjoyable to strive, headstands aren’t proper for everybody. “If in case you have a neck or backbone harm, glaucoma, or are pregnant, skip it,” says Morris Lombardi. You may additionally wish to have a strong understanding of the foundations of yoga earlier than leaping right into a extra superior transfer, resembling a headstand, to keep away from harm.

There is no doubt doing a headstand requires a ton of talent and follow. In the event you’re recreation to provide a shot and are already a daily at yoga, bear in mind to be affected person and breathe. In time, you are positive to reap the advantages, and it’s possible you’ll even get some spectacular Instagram content material, identical to Lipa.

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