6 Yoga Poses for Seasonal Melancholy

Yoga poses for seasonal melancholy will help you deal with that uninteresting interval of the 12 months when you don’t really feel like doing something.

Yoga could also be useful in case you expertise seasonal melancholy, particularly in case you’re additionally inclined to premenstrual syndrome. Current analysis has linked premenstrual syndrome (PMS) to an elevated danger of creating seasonal affective dysfunction (SAD).

There’s sturdy proof that yoga will help alleviate the signs of PMS. Beneath, we’ll focus on some fundamental yoga poses for seasonal melancholy that you are able to do for rest and de-stressing.

You may as well try the next yoga poses to create and splendid night routine.

Yoga Poses for Seasonal Melancholy

Among the greatest yoga poses for seasonal melancholy are people who relieve muscle pressure and make you’re feeling calm and relaxed. Take a look at these six poses:

1) Adho Mukha Svanasana

This is likely one of the greatest workouts to fight any form of melancholy because it improves blood circulation to the mind and rejuvenates it (Picture through Pexels/Elina Fairytale)

The primary of our yoga poses for seasonal melancholy is this glorious asana that serves to rejuvenate the thoughts and launch muscle pressure.


  • Place your arms and toes on the ground in a desk pose. The arms and toes signify the desk’s legs, whereas the again serves because the desk’s prime.
  • Take some deep breaths. As you set free your breath, elevate your hips whereas extending your knees and elbows. At this level, your physique will assume the form of a reverse ‘V’.
  • It is best to face along with your toes parallel and arms shoulder distance aside. Your toes ought to face ahead. The arms’ inside creases ought to keep up a correspondence with the ears.
  • Loosen up into the adho mukha svanasana, and take some deep breaths. Keep a fixation by yourself navel.
  • As you let your breath out, come again to the desk pose by bending your knees. Loosen up.

2) Bhujangasana

Second in our record of yoga poses for seasonal melancholy is the bhujangasana. It may possibly profit you with elevated blood circulation, diminished fatigue and stress, and ache reduction within the neck and shoulders. As a bonus, it might additionally ease again discomfort.


  • Begin by laying face down on the mat.
  • Place your palms face down immediately below your shoulders. Ensure the arms are at your sides, and the elbows are bent again.
  • Sustaining a straight again and neck, focus your gaze on the ground.
  • Elevate your chest off the bottom as you inhale. Tuck your chin, and pull your shoulders again, ensuring the decrease ribs do not raise off the bottom.
  • The neck must be at proper angles to the physique; do not pressure to look upward. Look down.
  • As soon as you have gotten into the behavior of hanging the pose, you possibly can enhance the advantages by holding it for longer by straightening your arms and rolling your head again so far as it is going to go.

3) Ananda Balasana

Yoga is an effective way to spice up your bodily and psychological power ranges (Picture through Pexels/Koolshooters)

This is likely one of the greatest yoga poses for seasonal melancholy that you are able to do. You possibly can anticipate to really feel a pleasant stretch within the inside thighs, hamstrings, and groin from this posture. Its calming results prolong past simply assuaging stress and fatigue.


  • Get right into a impartial backbone place by mendacity in your again on the mat.
  • On this place, the legs are lifted whereas the hips stay on the bottom. It is vital to maintain the again flat on the mat.
  • The toes must be pointed straight up.
  • Try this by encircling the large toes along with your index fingers and gently flattening. Should you achieve this, it is possible for you to to loosen up your hips and draw your knees as much as your chest.
  • Simply relax, and take some deep breaths. Be happy to savor the hamstring stretch.
  • Make your self snug on the ground, and lie again. Turn into a cheerful child as soon as once more.

4) Malasana

It is really helpful for individuals who spend lengthy durations seated, because it helps stretch the hips and groin. Among the finest yoga poses for seasonal melancholy, it strengthens the toes and ankles and helps loosen up the muscle tissues of the decrease physique.


  • Maintain your toes hip-width aside as you stand on the mat.
  • To squat totally, bend each knees, and produce the butt down in the direction of the ground.
  • The toes could be turned barely outward.
  • Create the prayer gesture referred to as the anjali mudra by bringing the palms of your higher arms collectively.
  • Holding your arms in a coronary heart middle place with forearms parallel to the ground is perfect. The elbows ought to apply strain to the knees, inflicting them to open wider.
  • Keep an upright place, with the backbone lengthy and shoulders again and down from the ears.
  • Take 5 deep breaths, and straighten the legs to launch.

5) Reclined Butterfly Pose

This is likely one of the greatest yoga poses for seasonal melancholy that you are able to do. This pose helps relieve stress and nervousness and helps to unwind and loosen up. It is also an exquisite hip and chest opener and helps enhance hip mobility.


  • Sit up, and bend your legs in entrance of you, touching your toes sole to sole.
  • Loosen up your arms to your sides or lie them flat in your abdomen as you slowly slide down your again.
  • Loosen up after a couple of deep breaths within the pose.
  • Put a pillow below your head to present it some further assist and luxury.

6) Viparita Karani

Carry out yoga frequently to fight any form of melancholy (Picture through Pexels/Ketut Subiyanto)

Final in our record of yoga poses for seasonal melancholy is the viparita karani asana, which is a good asana to alleviate stress and pressure. This is likely one of the greatest bedtime yoga poses, as it might enable you to loosen up and unwind after an extended day.


  • Inserting your left facet in opposition to a wall whereas sitting, lie flat in your again along with your legs propped up in opposition to the wall.
  • With the hips as near wall as potential, preserve your arms in a relaxed place.
  • Put your head again, shut your eyes, and unwind.


Carry out the aforementioned yoga poses for seasonal melancholy to alleviate your muscle tissues and get that feel-good impact submit train. For extra such yoga asanas, try these peaceable yoga workouts to assist loosen up the thoughts.

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